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Angelica Sifuentes

County Extension Agent – Family & Community Health • 956.523.5290

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Hello Webb County, I have been your Family & Community Health Agent since 2016. My goal is to provide resources and fun, educational programs to the amazing Webb County community. Born and raised in Laredo, I know our city and county have so many great things to offer as it blossoms into an interactive community of new experiences, influences and opportunities. I’m glad to work with schools, centers, and organizations to bring food & nutrition programs, gardening and increase volunteerism in such areas. I look forward to working with my community and making it the best it can be.

– Angie Sifuentes


Literature in the Garden is an online reading and family life program that encourages literacy competency for students. Visit here to get resources and more information:


This 6-week nutrition and wellness program focuses on sharing nutrition tips, recipes, and challenges us to gain no more than two pounds over the holidays.


This 24-week program consists of 1-hour strength training sessions delivered twice a week in efforts to increase muscle mass and strengthen bone density.


This 8-week physical activity program focuses on promoting healthy, active lifestyles by encouraging teams and participants walk a collective amount of 832 miles.


This 12-week program consists of weekly sessions discussing healthy weight goals, USDA Dietary Guidelines, MyPlate, and physical activity.


This 4-week program suite focuses on chronic diseases such as hypertension or diabetes and gives participants an in-depth session in handling their nutrition.


This 2-hour event is a live cooking school that showcases 4 to 5 menu recipes to inspire family-time conversations, better nutrition habits, and create tasty meals.


This 10-week gardening program encourages kids to learn about planting and harvesting vegetables by building a garden and providing weekly activities.


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Angie Sifuentes, County Extension Agent – Family & Community Health


Phone Number: 956-523-5290

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