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The Dinner Tonight Cooking School targets busy people who are in search of quick, easy, delicious, and nutritious recipes that can be prepared at home. This cooking school will not only provide recipes but will also provide cooking demonstrations that will teach basic cooking concepts, techniques, and nutrition that can be used throughout the kitchen! Research has proven that cooking at home allows us to control calories, fat, sodium, and other key ingredients that tend to increase the risk of chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. By lessening the risk of these chronic diseases, a healthier, longer life can be achieved!

Dinner Tonight 2017

30-Day Protein Challenge

Dinner Tonight Recipes

Kitchen Tips and Tricks




Walk Across Texas is a free 8-week physical activity program going on in Webb County from March-June. Our goal is to reach 832 miles – what it takes to walk across the state of Texas. Currently, Webb County is on week 3 out of 8. 45 teams have registered and over 300 people are participating! Keep up the good work!

Below you will find great information through our Walk Across Texas weekly newsletters:

Week 1: WAT – Staying Hydrated

Week 2: WAT – The Benefits of Riding Your Bike

Week 3: WAT – Short Bouts of Exercise

Week 4: WAT – Work It OUT

Week 5: WAT – 4 Ways to Shed the Weight

Week 6: WAT – Walking: Trim Waist, Improve Health

Week 7: WAT – Top 15 Teams and Finale

Week 8: WAT – The Results Are In 

Healthy South Texas Youth Ambassador Program

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